Sweet Home Chicago

Party with the Best!

Jane Harrington                                    Lithia, FL

Doug Eskew                                           St. Louis, MO

Gay Essary                                             Chicago, IL

Norm Oden                                            Chicago, IL

Mike Hartman “Oldies”                         Chicago, IL

Dave Thompson “Round Up”                Chicago, IL

Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club

c/o Joanne Kokalj

5860 N. Odell

Chicago, IL 60631


Text Box: To contact us:

Phone: 773-792-8842

E-mail: pjkokalj@aol.com


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Deejays / Workshop Instructors

Text Box: Workshop Instructors


Joey Cecio & Chrissy Elwonger

West Coast Swing & Country 2 Step


Julie Hein & Don Leynes   

Hustle & Night Club 2


Phil Dorroll

Musicality in West Coast Swing


Beverly Solazzo & Randy Baustert

        Jitterbug / East Coast Swing

Text Box: Deejays

Following is the list of national and local Deejays and Workshop Instructors that will be providing the best music and dance instruction at Sweet Home Chicago.